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Are you right for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy? Do you find yourself wondering…

• Why am I so tired?
• Why am I gaining weight?
• Why do I have mood swings?
• Why do I have a low sex drive?
• Why am I not able to sleep well?
• Why am I having memory lapses?
• Why do I have frequent urination and/or incontinence?
• Why do I have migraine headaches?

Myth: Our hormone levels are decreasing because we’re growing older.
Reality: We’re growing older because our hormone levels are decreasing!

Chronic inflammation is the cause and the effect of most illnesses and the diseases of aging. Balanced hormone optimization and a balanced lifestyle decreases chronic inflammation. Hormone optimization is the finishing touch of an anti-aging lifestyle of good nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, anti-oxidants and nutraceuticals (vitamins, minerals and enzymes, etc.).

Your hormones are a symphony of interactions. All of your hormones are designed to work together and if one is altered, or deficient, it will affect the actions of all of the other hormones in your body. It’s an interactive balance and as unique to an individual as a fingerprint. One size does not fit all. Treating even “mild” hormonal deficiencies can dramatically improve quality of life. Longevity medicine is aimed at the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related decline.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wellness Medicine

What's the difference between synthetic and bio-identical hormones?
Bio-identical hormones are identical to human hormones and are accepted and metabolized by your body as if your body made them. Synthetic hormones (e.g. Premarin, Progestin and Provera) are designed to elicit the same response in your body as your “natural” hormones but are not structurally identical and produce abnormal metabolites that cause side effects and increase the risk of cancer. Synthetic hormones waste energy by giving incomplete messages to cells which then fail to produce a balanced hormonal response.
What is involved with hormone therapy?
After obtaining lab testing of saliva, blood or urine, you will meet with an American Anti-Aging Academy trained physician for evaluation of your unique bio-identical hormone needs. We use a quality compounding pharmacy and provide you with the highest quality supplements available.