Laser Treatments

Long Pulsed Yag Laser / Vascular Reduction

Picture of female legImprove your self-esteem and appearance by minimizing the appearance of vascular lesions on the legs and face.

The Yag energy heats and damages blood vessels causing them to collapse. Other vascular lesions such as a cherry angioma can also be removed with the Long Pulsed Yag.

Spider veins are commonly found on the thigh or lower leg but can form virtually anywhere on the leg.  Facial Telangiectasia are small, red or purple blood vessels that are found on the face and caused by a number of conditions, including sun damage, heredity, rosacea, hot and spicy food, exercise or emotions.

The laser penetrates through the skin and is readily absorbed by the cells in the vessels, causing the vein to collapse and seal shut.  The sealed vein is them broken down and absorbed by the body over the following 6-8 weeks.  The laser has a cooling tip for minimizing discomfort during your treatment.

In some cases, multiple treatments may be needed to give you the desired results.   This treatment is used for lesions measuring 3mm or less.  The procedure treats only those veins that are currently visible.  Since it is not possible to permanently alter the venous system to prevent new veins from surfacing, additional treatments may be necessary in the future.


Intense Pulsed Light

IPL photo rejuvenation is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that targets the cells that cause pigmentation, sun damage, rosacea, broken capillaries, and redness of the skin.

By reducing the appearance of age spots, hyper pigmentation, sun-damaged skin, and vascular lesions, IPL treatments help to restore a more youthful appearance.  IPL treatments can also help to improve the appearance of pores and improve skin quality, bringing back the glow, improve overall texture and tone of the skin.

Acne is caused by an over production of cells that line the sweat glands.  IPL kills bacteria on the surface as well as underneath the skin, helping to control acne break outs.

Cold gel is applied to the skin prior to treatment to help with any discomfort.  The eyes are also protected from the intense light. Typically, an average treatment takes about 30 minutes and patients can return to their normal routine with sun protection applied immediately after treatment.  This skin treatment is gets best results on Fitzpatrick I-III skin types.  It is not used on Fitzpatrick IV-V skin types.


Erbium:Yag Ablative Skin Resurfacing

Today people are eating healthier and exercising more. They desire to remove fine lines and pigmented lesions that hinder their appearance.  An Erbium:Yag laser is the treatment of choice for patients wanting to achieve dramatic improvement in the appearance of their skin with minimal downtime.  The procedure removes surface pigmentation and mild to moderate fine lines and wrinkles on the face, hands, neck and chest.  It is a less invasive approach, delivering great results for mild to moderate skin wrinkling and sun damaged skin.  It is gentle and safe and can be used on the neck chest hands and face with minimal risk.


Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal using the Q Switch 1064nm laser works by targeting pigment colors in the skin’s dermis, which lies between your outer layer of skin (epidermis) and the tissue beneath. The tattoo pigments absorb the laser’s beam and fragment. Your body then naturally absorbs these fragments and eliminates them.

Laser tattoo removal is a gradual process and is unique for every tattoo depending on its location, depth, density and ink colors.


Laser Hair Reduction

Unwanted body hair is a problem that everyone experiences.  Our 810nm-diode laser significantly reduces unwanted hair and can be adjusted up to 10-pulses per second, allowing both small and large areas to be treated fast and effectively. The 810nm-diode can be used on all skin types.  Laser technology reduces unwanted hair with beams of highly concentrated light that effectively damage the hair follicles and prevents hair from regrowing. Continuous cooling before, during, and after laser exposure ensures that the process is comfortable.